I’m sending my condolence. I’m sending my condolence to fear. I’m sending my condolence. I’m sending my condolence to insecurities.


I hear you now

Without knowing, I’d ruined something beautiful and gentle. Something with someone who yearned to know me beyond my smile. Someone who desired to understand me as if we were one.

“Music is the way to the heart. Music brings people together. Music is the international language.”

A million hours will pass and your words will still be stitched into my brain. Never fading. I was afraid for you to see…me. To see what I felt about you and life. I lacked the necessary courage to drive out that fear. I was not brave enough to try.

But I hear you now as clear as the first day of Spring with an unforgivable bite of chillness. With a stillness, you’ll remain in tact in my mind. Never mined. Never mine.

What I Thought

Success used to mean expensive cars, 3 story homes, degrees, notoriety/fame, etc. in the past. Experiences provide more insight into what is more important such as feeling valued in a career, living in a diverse community, being surrounded by loving and supportive people, having an income that allows you to save money and travel, volunteering to improve your community, finding someone to share your happiness with, etc.

It’s time to start chasing the things that matter the most. Re-frame your thoughts.