Category: Poetry

The Cursed

In the bleakness of the dark night
as the depths of your reflections glare
pain illuminates the walls
as the stench of weariness envelops your home
pining until flesh rots off your bones
for just a glint of sunshine from someone’s eyes
hoping it will save you from your soul’s demise



Tears wash blood soaked shirts.
Hunted brown skin. Disrobed fear.
Screams urge, but no change.

Never right, Always left

Screams from above
While I search in the darkness
Crawling on hands and knees
No moonlight to guide
Desperate movements
Seeking the shelter of a known
No discernible help
The echoes deceive
They yell, “We’re over here!”
“Where? Where is here?” I reply.
“HERE! Look up!”
Clumsily gathering to stand
Grasping the air for an arm, a hand
Something, someone
But no one remains
Did I take too long?
Am I in the wrong place?
Maybe…I just said the wrong thing


I think too much
about you and us
about life and such
and your words
how they linger in my head
and what your eyes revealed
how that made me feel
surreal and unforgiving
and we are not living
we are dying
inside this passion
accelerating our lives for this attraction